Friday, May 3, 2013

I just went to my blog and noticed that I really do not spend too much time updating things as I first thought I would. But then everything I do is like that.  I start off like a pack of wolves and then thing start going warp speed of a snail. But that is ok, cause sooner or later I find my way back and update a few new pictures of a few new projects.. I still have not learned much about working my blog. I go to other blogs and see such awesome stuff with things and doo dads and buttons and links and all that computery stuff.. ya not me. I am getting old and things just don't add up like they did when I was young and kicking high. But I am sure things will start clicking soon, I will hope anyway. So that is it for today.. Other then to say I have sunburned knees from sitting out by the street with my hubby as we watched the little worker bees paving our street.. I have lived out her on Gods two and a half acres for almost 40 years on a limerock road breathing in dust.. I cannot believe that will now end.. awesome.. Maybe now I will take up skateboarding.

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