Monday, June 20, 2011

just me as I look most day sitting in my craft room

Just thought I would throw this in. Me sitting in my craft room as I do most if the time if I am not busy being a gramma or sleeping.. Crafting with paper or polymer clay or fabric is my life.

Wedding centerpiece

I was asked to make 7 centerpieces for the reception tables. The bride gave me an idea of what she wanted and I ran with it. She wanted something different, something she could give away. Nothing so big it would be in the way of guests talking to another guest across the table. This is what we ended up with ... a 4x4 exploding box.  When opened it was a place to put her vase of water beads with a floating candle. They turned out lovely with the little dragonfly's clipped to the edges of the box. I had so much fun designing the box. It was a design as you go process.. Just thought I would share with the world.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This is Renee Marie.  My four year old grandaughter. She is more beautiful each day. She is very smart. She keeps her mom and dad busy busy busy all day long. She likes to sing. She sings to gramma on the phone. I like that.
This is my beautiful Grandaughter Elizabeth Ann, I love her so.  My Son and his Wife were blessed with this special little girl 3 years ago. God thought enough of them to send them a little girl with Downs Syndrome. God knew they would love and cherish her for her whole life.  Elizabeth has 2 brothers and one sister. Timmy is 15 years old, Renee is 4 years old and Jeremiah is 2 years  old today. A very special family.

Oh my gosh,, I had forgotten all about my blog!!! silly me

It has been such a long time since I have updated my blog. So much going on since then. Today is Friday the 10th day of June.  My youngest grandson Jeremiah, turns 2 years old today. I am sitting in my craft room thinking about what I want to do next. I learned how to use Ebay so I have listed some of my crafts there. We will see in a couple of days how that turns out. I am hoping to create myself a little mountain of craft money in the process. I am thinking that I need to study this blogger spot a bit so I learn to add some pics of my crafts and my grandchildren which are my 2 favorite things in the world at this point.
Oh lookie there.. I just posted a picture of one of my quilling projects.. This one is listed on ebay and I have one bid on it so far.. isnt that awesome.??