Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good morning all my friends and family and those who are not my friends today but will be my friends soon. Today I am going to let you know a little about me.  I am me.. you will never see me in a better homes and gardens mag. or will you ever see me at a fancy ball. I am just a plain country lady.  I spend my life being happy and surrounding myself with happy things and thoughts.  I was once told that I shouldn't live my life through rose colored glasses because there are too many troubles in the world. I was told that if I keep doing that I would be responsible for leaving my grandchildren a falling apart world.. I gave that some thought and said to myself maybe I should put these glasses on the shelf and go picket with the best of them.   But that is not me, I am choosing to wear my rose colored glasses every day and be happy. I am sorry if my happiness in today ruins the future of the world.   So anyway here is a picture tour of some of the happiness around me.
 This is on my front porch where I do my new found love, Encaustic Painting. This is creating with pigment colored bees wax.. I LOVE it.
 an old aquarium I was going to make into a terrarium, but that hasn't happened yet so  I just put pretty things in it and then put a board on top of it so I could stack stuff on it.  This is also part of my front porch.
 This is my transportation when I go do fancy shopping like at Walmart or Michaels.
 This is my Mothers day gift from my son in law.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I will be working on it soon to make it into a really awesome showpiece.. I love old stuff.
 This is a box where I throw old rusty kinda stuff that I may need later in an art project.
 This is my very own tool box. It is filled with my very own tools!
 This is an Encaustic Iron that I use with my Encaustic addiction.
 This is a stack of wood, 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, and 6x6... ready for Encaustic Jesso.
 This is Jeffreys swing in the front yard. I LOVE watching him play!
 Picnic table and a place for me to sit while watching the children play.
 Richard made us an easel so we (Jeffrey and I) can do our painting projects. and of course a laundry basket full of toys.
 This is my makeshift anvil.. It works for what I need it for.
 Oh yes, my chair. The stuff on my chair is what I use to cover up my valuables at night.
 My beautiful colors of encaustic medium.
The thermometer on the griddle lets me know that it is exactly 175 degrees.
 This is an encaustic work in progress.
 This is the water truck out in the street.. Our tax dollars being used to pave our dusty road.. 
Hip Hip Hooray!
 In front of my front porch.. Some of you may be saying "I wonder why she still has Christmas decorations up in May"?  My answer is "Every day is Christmas"  Ya, that is the only explanation I can come up with.
 This is a tree, Hanging from the tree is a couple of wind chimes and my Erosion package that I will take down the middle of July and see what I have.. That is going to be fun.
 This is the front of my front yard.

 This is the side yard where we work on your container gardening projects. Fun Fun Fun.
 Part of my amazing place where life is beautiful all the time.
 these are our aloe plants
 Flowers and gnomes
 My beautiful Rose
 See the rose buds? they will be roses really soon.
 Part of my garden.. Timmy do you see the blue eyes on this little boy?  Remember when you painted those pretty eyes when you were 4 years old? Yes that was 14 years ago.
 More garden
 More garden
 How cute
 See the taxes at work out there in the street?
 My front yard. Those cedar trees were planted when they were about 10 inches high.. ya, we have been here a long time.
 This is another part of our front yard. Kinda looks like a park to me.
 More of the park...
 This is our only chicken. Her name is Princess.
 She is running from the camera.
 This is my wonderful, awesome, handsome, hubby mulching the driveway.
 Garden again
 Garden again
 See that red swirly thingy.. My dear friend Bri from Texas sent me that. I love it. There are also a couple of squirrels in the garden hanging from pots.. she sent me those too. 
 These are our new Blueberry plants.. We had so many blueberries off of them,,
 next year there will be even more... Yummy
 Ever heard of planting potatoes in a croaker sack, we didn't either till this year so hubby is trying it out.
 Tomato plants... Yummy
 Squash plants
 New Iris
 Lillies.. not blooming yet.
 Bulbs we planted and then forgot what they were. We are getting old
 Iris of somekind

 This is where hubby parks his truck.
 This is where I used to park my car, but I quit driving 4 years ago so my car is invisible.
 Front yard again , see that thing in the road... that is Men Working..
When I am indoors I sit here in my studio and create. I love creating. It makes me happy.. Yes it is a mess but it is MY mess.. 
Thank you for taking the tour of my happiness.. Ya I am not your normal run of the mill lady, Blue jeans and t-shirts along with my flip flops is my way of thinking,, Love you guys
This is my blog for the day.