Friday, April 20, 2012

My "Girly Girl" album

 This is the front of my Paper bag photo-journal-scrapbook titled "Girl Power"
 Page 2 and 3...
 Page 2 and 3 again showing how the bag bottom folds over,
 Page 4 and 5.. I love being me!
 page 6 and 7.. Gorgeous!
 Page 6 folds out as well.
 page 8 and 9 Hottie...
 Pages 10 and 11 so pretty..
Page 12 and 13.. Cutie
 page 14 and 15..Flirt
 Page 16 and 17 Wild
 Page 18 and 19 Hot stuff
 Pages 18 and 19 again showing the hidden tag,,
 Pages 20 and 21 Girly girl..
 Pages 22 and 23 Love this bandana page
 This is one of the 12 pull out pages that has plenty of room for more photos and Journaling
 The Journaling page flips open to find another pull out tag for more memories
 the pull out page.  You will find 12 of these in this chunky album.
 As you can see this album is quite chunky!  It will get chunkier as you fill it with memories. It then stands up on a surface and looks so pretty. I am thinking any young teen would love this album.

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