Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scrappin update.

Something that I am terrible at is remembering to add things to my blog. But here I am today to give you the boring updates.
Since I blogged last, I have discarded the ol living room. Who needs one? Just wasted space in my way of thinking, so thanks to my handy dandy hubby and son, my living room is now my craft room and my ol craft room is now my hubbys craft room. Gosh I love retirement because I can craft all day long..I will see if maybe I can post a picture of the room. I was going to wait until it was very neat and in order BUT that is never so you will see it in all its messy glory.. Off to take the pics.....
 Ok, lots of pics. The first one here is where I do most of my paper crafting. I love my new Ott light, it even has a magnifying glass. I know it is a mess but you will just have to look over that.
 This is where I have my Cricut, well actually there is 2. one is hiding behind those boxes. As you can see underneath is my collection of Boyds Dolls.
 Here is my Sizzix dies and my embossing folders. I know you can hardly see them for the mess in front.
 And then here is where I have my Sizzix and sidekick and the Cuttlebug. I use all three of those a lot. No that is not a roll of toilet paper, it is a roll of labels that I use to die cut using the nestabilities for mailing labels for hand made envelopes.
 I have bears everywhere, Most of them are Boyds collectable bears. They are my friends
 The piano is a good place to put stuff as well, One of the drawer thingy is full of Jewelry findings. I love making jewelry although paper has taken over for now. The other one is for organizing letters, Many times I cut or punch the wrong letter or make too many, I cant throw them away so I have them sorted in this little chest. Also It is a place for some of my friends, I mean bears etc. to sit.
This drawer if full of Nestabilities and such as that. Some are from Cheery Lynn Designs.  I really love those ones.
 This is a drawer full of Polymer clay. Ya... probably too much.
 This is a drawer full of stuff I use for my polymer clay art.
 This is more polymer clay art supplies.
                                                                        Sizzix sizzlets.
                                        This is my acrilic paper stackers, Mostly 12x12 papers
 Tray of scrap papers, I have a drawer for each of the color families. Sometimes I need just a little piece when I am cutting small images or letters..Very handy.
 This one holds 12X12 papers. On top is the stacks..
 Hmmmm This one is a bit fuzzy, but it is a collection of ATCs that I have swapped. I love making the ATCs. Behind then is my empuncheler. I dont know how to spell that and I dont feel like going over there and looking. But you get the idea. the small orange boxes on top are the interchangable dies. In the front is my Ryrie Study Bible and underneath that is my Rainbow study Bible.
 Another bunch of 12X12 papers. My 3 yr old grandson Jeffrey decorated the drawers with stickers. He did a great job. That plastic bag on the left is full of toilet paper tubes that I do things with.
 This is a very old drafting table I found on craigs list. It is awesome cause it is high and I can stand at it. Sometimes I feel like standing instead of sitting.
 This is where I keep my, well some of my 8 1/2 cardstock.. in that red box is all stickers.
 On these shelves are just a assortment of clutter, Papers, Stamps, quilling stuff and I really dont know what all. The popcorn container is full of my "New Life Cards". I make new cards out of old ones. The box just above Shrecks head is used cards waiting for me to make new ones out of them.
 This is the upper half of those same shelves. My hubby buys me empty cigar boxes from the tobacco store. They are awesome well made wooden boxes of different sizes. I use them to keep things sorted. I use my label maker so I can see what is in the box. I think they are awesome.

 another sitting area for my sister Gloria when she comes to craft with me. I love her so.
 This is an awesome cart that holds mostly envelopes. It has wheels and slide out drawers so I drag it to where ever I am working, if I need it.

 This is another wheel cart, can be brought to where I am working, I do really have3 to get this one organized. It is very useful.
 Since I used up all my living room space for my crafting supplies, I have no room for a Christmas tree. So this is it on my dining room table.

So that is about it for today. One day I am going to have it all organized. When and if that happens I will take you for an updated tour.  But for now, I know where most everything is so I am thinking it is all good.

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